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Attendance Procedures

If your student will be out of school for any reason, please call our front office to report your student's absence at 234-5300. If you are planning a holiday/vacation during regular school days please sign your student up for an Independent Study Contract.  Your student will need to be out of school a minimum of five (5) school days and we need at least one (1) week’s notice for the teacher’s to prepare the work. Please stop by the office to request and sign an Independent Study contract or call the office at 234-5300.  You can also email me at

Absence Policy:

If your child is going to be absent from school please call 949-234-5300.  Please state your name, your child's name, their teacher or grade level and the reason for the absence.  If you are unable to call you may also email, Cassie Pinon at  If you are not able to do either please have your child bring a note the first day they return to school stating why your child was absent.  District Policy States: Absences can only be excused within 72 hours.  If we have no received a call, e-mail or letter within 72 hours  your child's absence will be unexcused.